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Epic Reishi – Longevity Power


The Connoisseur’s Reishi…

Epic Reishi is the most sustainably produced, extremely potent and tastiest reishi on the planet. This is next-level reishi you feel, designed to give an even bigger boost to mental and physical performance and immune health than ever before!

Stress resilience

Inner calm

Powerful immune support*

Liver and nervous system tonic

Great coffee-like taste in an easy to use powder

Not overpriced low potency capsules or stinky powders.

Reishi mushroom is one of the most well-researched herbs on the planet for good reason. It is a proven adaptogen and nerve and immune tonic. But not all Reishi is created equal. Most Reishi is grown cheaply on low-nutrient grains or on logs which often contribute to deforestation.

Epic Reishi is grown back to the land style – organically and sustainably on up to 40 different renewable and nutrent-dense composted herbs and grasses, allowing for the growth of more immune-strengthening polysaccharides and trace minerals like Germanium. This is Reishi grown by connoisseurs for connoisseurs.

Epic Reishi – Longevity Power
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