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If you want to know how to live a healthy life, just follow Chimpanzees. Play more, Climb trees more, Eat more bananas, Relax more, Spend more time with family, Groom and touch your loved ones, Fight when you feel like fighting and laugh when you feel like laughing! When we explore animal populations living in… READ MORE

Detoxification: The Golden Key To Health

Over the years I have read many articles written by both proponents, and skeptics of the term ‘detoxification’. Sadly however, invariably all of these papers lack a basic understanding of simple physiology and chemistry. Let me briefly lay down a little truth about the matter. At the physical level, our bodies are simply made up… READ MORE


Every single part of your body is made up of cells. Around 100 trillion cells make up the skin, heart, kidneys, bones, muscle, nerves, glands, liver, hair, nails etc ~ the whole lot. But these cells all take their orders from the authorities within the body, and these governing authorities are called the Endocrine Glands…. READ MORE

Can I Detox My Dog? A Testimonial

DOGGY TESTIMONIAL: AGGRESSIVE MAST CELL TUMOUR REVERSED: Dog given two months to live is now happy and healthy on Fruits, Herbs & Love. “Harley was diagnosed with a high-grade and extremely aggressive ‘Mast Cell Tumour’ in her right Anal Gland in December 2013. The Anal Gland was removed by a veterinarian at SASH (Small Animal Specialist… READ MORE