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We Fasted On Our Healing Tea – These Are Our Stories!

Do you remember the Our Healing Tea fast from last year? Read about it here. You’re probably familiar with juice fasts and water fasts, but have you ever considered fasting on tea? Our Healing Tea is a powerful blend of:

  • Marshmallow Root
  • Burdock Root
  • Comfrey Root & Leaf
  • Chaparral Herb
  • Plantain Herb
  • White Oak Bark
  • Black Walnut Hulls
  • Nettle Leaf

All of these potent herbs are fantastic at supporting your body’s natural detoxification processes. After the success of last year’s fast, we wanted to give three more individuals from our community the opportunity to try it out for themselves. Just keep scrolling to read their reflections in their own words.

Tina – @the.health.lounge

I truly believe that I was definitely meant to try this tea and be part of Our Healing Tea Fast 2020. After researching the many benefits of all the herbs contained in this tea blend, I was in awe. There are literally hundreds!! Many of the herbs have similar benefits such as digestive health and respiratory health, but I was thrilled to see cancer healing benefits as well! Since my diagnosis in July 2019, my life has been a rollercoaster. My body has been through so much. It started with surgery to remove the tumour (which in hindsight, I wouldn’t do again). My rehabilitation is still ongoing and has been a frustrating and painful process. I suffered from lymphedema, a torn rotator cuff and a frozen shoulder. My iron has been depleted. My hormones were all super low and I suffered from extreme hair loss. I have been in physiotherapy for 8 months, 3 of those being at home due to the Covid 19 pandemic and isolation. This was frustrating for me and I worked hard at home to heal. I believe that this tea came at just the right time.

My Our Healing Tea Fast Ritual

This blend of amazing herbs has DEFINITELY had an impact on my healing! My original goal was to add this Our Healing Tea to my diet of fruits and vegetables for three days. I was advised by my naturopath to not do a complete tea fast due to my hormone issues. I went well beyond my three day goal and finished the bag!! It became part of my ritual. I would drink tea first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and at night before bed. I also had a couple of cups of tea during the day. The one I enjoyed the most, was the one I would drink outdoors, immersed in nature, barefoot in my yard. I would sip it while walking and repeating positive health affirmations. I would also envision myself reaping all the benefits required to be fully healed.

Why Our Healing Tea?

This tea blend contains so many vitamins such as B-vitamins, vitamin C and vitamin A which are all necessary for any type of healing. It also contains so many minerals such as iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc, calcium that I actually have needed to increase. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory. It boosts immune health, digestive health and respiratory health which are all super important during this pandemic! I feel that the ingredients such as the Marshmallow root and comfrey root were key in my increased healing and reduced pain. My shoulder and arm have been healing so quickly this month. My shoulder has less pain and my range of motion has increased 10 fold. It really has been incredible! My strength is also coming back.

The Herbs in Our Healing Tea

Nettle and Burdock have definitely been helping with my hair loss, hair growth and regaining energy.  I have new hair finally growing back, even though it is completely white!! I’ll take it!! I will also want to keep drinking this tea because of the cancer benefits which cannot be measured or felt at the moment. The chaparral herb is a strong healing herb that is commonly used as a natural cancer treatment. It has strong antioxidant properties and helps cleanse the blood. Black Walnut Hull is another herb used in natural cancer treatment as well as Burdock Root. These are all gifts from nature that I am blessed and grateful to be provided with.

How Does the Tea Taste?

Before I end talking about my experience I’d like to say a little bit about the taste of the tea. I have to say that at first the smell really surprised me. It was very potent and it made me a bit scared to drink it haha!!  I was actually pleasantly surprised that I didn’t mind the flavour at all. I actually liked it and looked forward to drinking it. It has an earthy and sweet taste and I find a hint of something like a molasses flavour. There isn’t any molasses in this product. Only the eight herbs listed on the product. It is a super clean herbal blend! I also found that I preferred it cold, so I left it on the counter during the day. It was also visible to me so I wouldn’t forget to drink it.

I believe that everyone could benefit from all of the  goodness this tea has to offer, on a daily basis. My experience with this product has been really great. I will definitely be looking into purchasing more of this tea blend to keep healing and to stay healthy. Blessings! Tina

Larry – @livingfoodlarry

I prepared for the fast by drinking only raw juices the day prior to my fast. When I started the fast I added one lemon to each of my teas because I love lemons in my tea.

I thought I would be hungry during my fast but to my surprise the tea kept me content and full. Whenever I was hungry I had 32 ounces of tea. I keep track of my weight on a daily basis and I noticed that I lost 7 pounds over the three days. I did not even exercise, as my goal was to relax and let my body take a break. I was not concerned about losing this much weight as I have water fasted in the past.

I must say that this was an amazing experience and that Our Healing Tea is very powerful in breaking down and eliminating toxins from the body.

I now have 32ounces of Our Healing Tea every morning to start the day off right and to get the much needed natural medicine into my body. I highly recommend incorporating Our Healing Tea into your daily routine, as it is a powerful and healing tea.

Lindsey – @l_indse_y

Day 1: Throughout my day I had about 3 cups of tea. It took effect immediately as I went for my second cup some hours after I felt more aware and cohesive.

Day 2: I kept drinking the tea and felt a sense of calmness.

Day 3 and 4: The tea were causing me to sweat a little but I think it was my body’s response to release toxins through the skin as the skin is the biggest organ. I felt cleaner inside and out and wanted to eat extra light meals and went to bed early to regenerate.

Day 5: I had 2 cup of tea as soon as I woke up, I feel the herbs work together to balance the PH levels which I really enjoyed as I tend to have heartburn. This “Our Healing Tea,” has helped me be super alkaline and sleep better, along with better thinking ability and less brain fog.

I had more time to focus and I will be drinking the tea again. Nettle leaf is a good herb that I counted on though out as the benefits are immense definitely helped with my digestive system. Thank you Our Botanicals for letting me be a part of the 2020 detox tea fast!

Still Curious?

You can watch snippets of their fast on our Instagram ‘Our Healing Tea’ highlight. If you’d like to learn more about Our Healing Tea, start by checking out this blog post on the Best Way To Make Our Healing Tea.

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