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We Fasted On Our Healing Tea! Here Are Our Stories

You’re probably familiar with juice fasts and water fasts, but have you ever considered fasting on tea? Our Healing Tea is a powerful blend of:

– Burdock Root

– Marshmallow Root

– Comfrey Root & Leaf

– Chaparral Herb

– Plantain Herb

– White Oak Bark

– Black Walnut Hulls

– Nettle Leaf

All of these potent herbs are fantastic at supporting your body’s natural detoxification processes. We wanted to give four individuals from our community the opportunity to try it out for themselves. We chose the four most experienced applicants to fast on Our Healing Tea for a 3-5 days! You can watch their stories on our Instagram highlights here.

Just keep scrolling to read their reflections in their own words.

Katie Sweeney – @holistickatie

My experience with Our Healing Tea has been absolutely amazing! I applied to do this fast because I have a bunch of health problems, including Interstitial Cystitis, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, chronic Lyme, skin issues and ADHD. Even though I’ve been on my healing journey for the past several years and have come an extraordinarily long way, I still have a great deal of additional detoxing and healing to do.

On the first day of the fast, I drank only Our Healing Tea, (except for Dr. Morse’s GI Broom with a little bit of grape juice at night).

As soon as I drank the tea I noticed an immediate reduction in pain and inflammation! My first impression of the tea was that the taste was very pleasant, especially for a tea with so many powerful herbs. I also noticed that my skin was absolutely glowing! The first night I had a healing crisis where I began sweating, when it was 30 degrees outside and my body usually has difficulties in breaking a sweat!

“The following days were so wonderful that I didn’t want to stop the fast!”

I added grape juice on day 2 and was still in the middle of a healing crisis. I was experiencing transient joint and muscle pain as well as fatigue, but it was definitely a sign that the tea was doing it’s job by triggering deep healing. The following days were so wonderful that I didn’t want to stop the fast! I experienced a great deal of mental clarity, as well as a heightened sense of connection to nature and the universe, in general.

My pain and inflammation was reduced from the tea as the healing crisis subsided. I felt so great that I didn’t want the feeling to end! I continued the fast on Our Healing Tea for 12 days, a total of 15 days of fasting altogether, (I did a 3 day grape juice fast before to prepare for it). I’m glad that I decided to stay on the fast for a longer period of time because I didn’t stop the momentum of the tea’s powerful cleansing and healing.

I love Our Healing Tea and I’m going to continue drinking it because of the amazing healing I’ve experienced from it! I feel cleansed and renewed inside and out! Thank you, again, Our Botanicals, for such an awesome tea and experience!!

Katey Marie – @happy_healing_momma

I’m so blessed to have had this opportunity to fast for 3 days on primarily Our Botanicals “Our Healing Tea”. My intentions for this fast were simply to rest and allow my body to heal itself with the support of the tea. Little did I know how POWERFUL at DETOX these herbs are and how satisfying the taste is! I was completely shocked at how fast I start detoxing. Within the first 4hrs I started expelling mucus, and after the first 24hrs I noticed my hormonal acne starting to leave. Very pleased with those results!

“Our Healing Tea will be a morning staple in my morning routine!”

I went onto day 2 which was very challenging, more detox symptoms like headaches, more mucus and fatigue, BUT finally noticed KIDNEY FILTRATION! That totally made me HAPPY! I then noticed less inflammation in my upper back area as the day went on. I did add some fruit and grape juice in to slow down detox due to healing crises, which helped GREATLY.

At day 3 my skin was very smooth, I started filtering, had less inflammation, and my senses were heightened.

I am so ever THANKFUL for this short fast! Definitely a reset and I have clearer vision of what my intuition is leading me to do on my healing journey! Our Healing Tea will be a morning staple in my morning routine!

If you are wanting a detox DEEPER than a water fast, you gotta hit up Our Botanical’s STRONG Our Healing Tea!!

Jamie Dunson – @jamiesfruitfullife

I started having some constipation and smelly gas from eating way too many plant fats. I figured a tea fast would be a great opportunity to reset my digestion. I’ve never done a tea fast before, so I figured it would be interesting! I recorded my adventure on my YouTube channel.

Day 1 went rather well to my surprise. I just ended up with a major headache by the end of the day and of course the usual grumbling when we stop eating. The tea tasted really good to me. My palette enjoys most herbal teas pretty well so drinking tea only was no problem at all for me.

Day 2, I woke up feeling great! By dinner time though – that’s when the fun began. I started losing some of my strength, my muscles felt like jello and my ears started having pressure in them which was uncomfortable. My happy demeanor changed into a bit of a bummed out demeanor. Started feeling nauseated and had a pit feeling in my intestines. Also I started missing solid food, was constipated, started losing my voice and went to bed feeling drunk. I didn’t have any bowel movements that day.

“The tea tasted really good to me.”

Day 3, I woke up nauseated with a racing heart. It was harder to breathe, harder to talk, harder to walk or do anything. I hated feeling the way I did, I wanted to break the fast, but I stuck it out. My goal was to at least finish Day 3, so I had some apple juice and Stomach and Bowels to get me through. I felt so much better after that. I could talk better, breathe better, had no nausea and my muscles felt strong again. My walking got better as well, although I did get that dizzy feeling when I got off the couch. I was still weak and lazy. I also had some major restless legs during bedtime that evening.

On Day 4 I broke my fast on honeydew. I woke up with some elbow joint pain, but my appetite was banging that day and I ate over 2000 calories of just fruit and no fats. Still felt weak and lazy. I was dehydrated and ended up getting a massive headache again. I was able to walk again but with a slight weakness.

The tea is definitely strong when taken alone. I did end up losing almost 6lbs, and I was very impressed with how much clearer my face was. I also got my digestion back. No more smelly gas and no more constipation. All in all, I’m happy that I got to experience this opportunity. Thank you Our Botanicals!

Jennifer López – @veganasucia

In all my years of fasting and detoxing I actually never quite felt as alive as I did with the Our Healing Tea. I survived 3 days of only tea! My experience was very tough since I decided to be EXTREMELY gluttonous on my trip to Spain before! NOT THE BEST IDEA at all! There is a regimen I follow before diving into a tea fast, because easing your way into it is what is needed. I made it quite difficult for myself by indulging in all the unhealthy vegan junk food from my travels.

I did 1 day of raw juices then hopped into my fast the next day. The 3 days I did my fast was intense. I made my 48 oz of tea fresh every day, and used a Yeti thermos which kept my tea warm ALL Day. It was PERFECT! I didn’t add lemon my first day to try the tea at its most natural state. To my surprise the Tea was NOT bitter at all. It was earthy but not overwhelming. It was very easy to drink!
As the day progressed, I was a bit foggy and unable to concentrate which is normal ESPECIALLY since I did not properly prep for this fast. I left work early and literally wanted to sleep. I could feel the tea working because my body was tired.

“To my surprise the Tea was NOT bitter at all. It was earthy but not overwhelming. It was very easy to drink!”

Day 2 was better and I felt a bit more energy, I was in positive spirits and my body all together felt lighter. I felt clear headed in the morning, but after a days work I was very exhausted! I started to feel some pain in areas where I battled disease as a child and teenager (inside my ear). Also, my lymph glands were a bit swollen which was a good sign the tea was working! Dry brushing those areas definitely helped! I was sweating a lot in my sleep and urinating way more than often, which again was a great sign that this tea was powerful in pushing out toxins!

Day 3 came and all I could think about was food! I could tell my body was done. I was a bit sluggish and could feel my body working hard to keep pushing out toxins. Day 3 was my last day, it was probably the easiest day bc my body was starting to get use to just drinking tea. I added some fresh squeezed orange juice from half an orange and it was divine!!! Since I’ve had GI issues in the past I wanted to get some healing fruits in my body a.s.a.p! I definitely could’ve done a few more days mentally, but physically I didn’t want to push. You have to listen to your body and know your limits.

I currently still drink the tea a few times a week to do some regular filtration, and I’ll be doing another fast in the near future! This fast was life changing and it was so amazing to do it with others. Having the support system to do this was VERY IMPORTANT. I definitely couldn’t have completed this with out Our Botanical’s support as well as from the other ladies who also went on this journey.

The taste of the tea also helped big time! I have done healing teas in the past and they are so awful you have to hold your nose the swallow it! Our Healing Tea was not like that at all! The stronger I made it the better it was! Adding a little orange or lemon to it complimented it very well! Thank you so much for allowing me to participate and I am thankful for the experience and the new friends I made along the way! ?

Still Curious?

You can watch snippets of these ladies while they did their fast on our Instagram ‘Our Healing Tea’ highlight. If you’d like to learn more about Our Healing Tea, start by checking out this blog post on the Best Way To Make Our Healing Tea.

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